Easy Steps to Clean and Store Your Bedding

Easy Steps to Clean and Store Your Bedding

Just like your clothes, bedding also needs proper maintenance so it is comfortable to use. Learn more about the steps to clean and store your bedding in proper ways here.

#1. Use Cold Water on Delicate Cycle to Wash Your Bedding

The best way to wash delicate bedding without breaking it is by using cold water. Avoid using hot water since by over time, it will degrade the bedding fibers and result in the shrunken sheet. This is also important to wash the bedding set by using the delicate cycle. This is aimed to help you make sure that the bedding will get full cleaning and gentle massage to prevent shrinking. Be ensure that you avoid using fast cycle since it will only clean the surface of the bedding. In addition, the delicate cycle also only consumes less detergent. This will be suitable the most if applied on bedding sets for toddler bed to help your kids sleep in a more comfortable way.


#2. Avoid to Overstuff the Dryer of the Clothes

Have you ever questioned yourself why bedding sets always look mess up whenever they are just taken from the dryer? Well, this is because you only have limited space to allow the fabric of the bedding sheets to fluff up whenever you overstuff the dryer. It later creates wrinkle on the sheets that will lessen the comfy while you are sleeping on your comforter sets.

One of the best ways to help you avoid all of the annoying wrinkles is by washing your sheets all alone without adding any other items. Also, you need to fill the dryer up only halfway to allow the sheets to get more space to fluff up. Since most of the washing machines for home usages do not come with large size, it will be hard for you to wash blankets and other large comforters there. It will be better if you use paid dry cleaner services to handle the bulk stuff.


#3. Take The Bedding Set Out Early from the Dryer

Another simple step to maintain your bedding set is by taking it out early from the dryer once you finish drying them. Taking out the item from the dryer seconds before the drying cycle completely finishes will help you to avoid any creases. This is possible to happen because the sheets are still moist so that they are flexible and smooth. Make your bed soon after you take the sheets out of the dryer to keep the gentle texture of the items. You can also store the sheets directly if you have no plan to use them so that they will stay in good shape once you need them again on the other days for your duvet covers, toddler bed, air mattress, or trundle bed.


#4. Properly Store Your Bedding Set

Storing bedding set properly will also influence the durability of the stuff and keep it in a good performance. Make sure to keep your bedding sheets in a dry and cool place to avoid mildew and mold. Using a cotton bedding bag will also help to keep away the bedding set from dust and humidity.


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